muffins for Monday

Every week or so, I make a big batch of muffins so we’ll have a grab-and-go hot breakfast during the work week. They’re always whole wheat, low fat, and packed with oats, nuts, fruit, etc., so they’ll give us a high-energy start to our day. Some batches have been pretty good, while others have had that….well…health-food taste. Ick.

(If you keep up with my blog–and please, do!–you’ll find that I love to create and adapt healthy recipes. But, in the end, I’m not likely to use a recipe again, no matter how healthy, if it’s not also delicious.)

I have a few recipes for muffins that I keep returning to, making substitutions here and there to create a different breakfast each week. We like variety around here, so it’s rare for me to bake the exact same muffins twice! But, having a foundation is good, and the next few posts will be devoted to the different base recipes I’ve tried, plus some variations.

As the weeks go on, you can look forward to more muffins for Monday posts as I keep experimenting with new recipes and flavor combinations.

Do you have any favorite muffin recipes? If so, share ’em!

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