supper tonight – 3.26.12 – the easiest broccoli soup you’ll ever make

Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables.

Micah doesn’t like broccoli.

At all.

Of course, this means that half the veggies on most produce party platters are out of the question, as are a handful of steakhouse side dishes.

But Micah doesn’t just avoid broccoli–he’ll pick it right out of already-cooked foods. If we eat at one of those cool Japanese hibachi places where they make choo choo trains out of the onions and crack eggs with a giant meat cleaver…well, a whole bunch of extra stir-fried broccoli mysteriously ends up on my plate. Which I don’t mind at all, since broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables.

(For a guy who will eat kimchi, pickled eggs, liver, pigs’ feet, and sea urchin, Micah is mighty particular about these little green trees.)

In fact, the only broccoli preparation Micah does like is broccoli soup. Broccoli cheese soup from a bread bowl makes sense to me, because it’s basically a ginormous grilled cheese sandwich with just enough broccoli thrown in for people to think it’s healthy. Which it’s not:

(Besides all those calories, this stuff'll knock out your sodium requirements for an entire day!)

I don’t eat at Panera very often, though I’ve been known to knock out one of these giant soup loaves in one sitting (and finish with dessert). But the broccoli soup we usually make at home is probably a better choice for everyday eating, and it really tastes like broccoli…because that’s basically all it is.

Less bread and cheese, more green!

First off, I still haven’t figured out why Micah loves this stuff so much but won’t eat broccoli, because this simple soup tastes very much like the veggies it’s made from. But love it he does, and during late winter when broccoli is in season, we can’t get enough. It’s warm and hearty, it’s super healthy, and it really is the easiest broccoli soup you’ll ever make. Don’t just take our word for it, either: we got this recipe from Gordon Ramsay, who I’m pretty sure knows what he’s talking about.

What’s in it:

  • 1 pound of chopped broccoli, fresh or frozen
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil
  • optional toppings: goat cheese (or your favorite other cheese), walnuts, bacon bits, etc.

Step by step:

  • Heat a large pot of salted water to a boil.
  • Add the broccoli and cover the pot. Cook for about 5-7 minutes, or until you can easily slide a knife right through one of those broccoli stems.
  • Use a slotted spoon to scoop your broccoli from the pot into your blender, but don’t dump out all that cooking water. Add cooking liquid to your blender o’ broccoli until the greenish water comes about halfway up the blender.
  • Blend! Start slowly, because the stuff in this fast-moving appliance was boiling just a few minutes ago, so if it splatters out and scalds your arm…well, that would suck.
  • Puree your soup until it’s a nice, even consistency, adding more cooking liquid to get it to the thickness you prefer. (I like mine a little thicker, Micah a little thinner.)
  • Season with salt (I use about 1/2 teaspoon) and pepper (I use about 1/4 teaspoon) and press the magic blender button one more time to mix it in.
  • At this point, your soup will be pretty darn delicious. Pour it into some bowls. Four normal-sized bowls if you’re eating it with sandwiches, two or three giant bowls for a big, hearty main course.
  • Drizzle a little olive oil over the top. Add other toppings if you like. (Ol’ Gordo puts goat cheese and walnuts at the bottom of his bowl before putting in the soup, but then you’ve gotta dig around to find your garnishes, so I like putting mine on top. :))

Not only is this soup ridiculously easy to make, but it really tastes delicious, even to a broccoli-phobe like Micah. And it’s perfect for nights when you really don’t feel like cooking, because all you really have to know how to do is boil water and operate a blender. (This is where the mac ‘n’ cheese and margaritas of your college years will come in handy, if you can remember how you made ’em.)

Give it a try! A soup this good will make it hard for you not to eat your veggies.

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6 thoughts on “supper tonight – 3.26.12 – the easiest broccoli soup you’ll ever make

  1. Kids are so strange about what they will or won’t eat. A friend of mine is working in an urban school in an underprivileged area. Whenever they have snack time, they get raw broccoli and carrots. When she first heard about this, she thought that there was no way the kids would eat the raw broccoli. Maybe the raw carrots, but definitely not the broccoli. But the kids were so enthusiastic about the broccoli that they were fighting over it!

    And when she asked why someone liked it, the kid said it was because it grossed out his mom.

    Kids are weird!

    But your broccoli soup looks great. What amazing color!

    • How funny! Our school gives kids pre-packaged raw fruits and veggies with their Smucker’s Uncrustables or corn dogs. The veggies usually go uneaten, sad to say. I love that the kids at your friend’s school eat broccoli to gross out their parents! Maybe reverse psychology is just what kids need to make healthy choices….:)

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  3. I took the challenge and made my version of broccoli soup. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. You’re very welcome! Your broccoli cauliflower soup looks and sounds delicious!

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