– the name –

What’s with the name, anyway?

Naming this blog was hard. Maybe not as hard as naming a baby (which I’ve never done), but almost as hard as naming a pet (which I have).

Since I hope this blog will stick around, I needed a title with a timeless ring to it. Not too of-the-moment (as locavore, whole food, sustainable, organic, and seasonal have become). These ideas are all important to me, but I needed something a little less buzz-y. Micah suggested I incorporate the term “foodie.” I laughed. That is so 1981!

During my days as an English major at UGA, one of my favorite words was juxtaposition. Partly because I like big words that’ll get me lots of points in Scrabble, but mostly because I’m sort of obsessed with the idea of contrast. Maybe to excess. (One of my habits that drives Micah bonkers is an insistence that food be served on or in a dish that is a contrasting color. No broccoli soup from a green bowl or golden brown fried foods from an orange plate. Yeah, so now you all know how neurotic I am. Not that it wouldn’t have come out soon enough.)

Anyway, so my blog title brainstorming session kept coming back to the word feast. We don’t literally feast in this house, at least not in the gorge-yourself-on-rich-food-till-you-puke-like-a-Roman sense. We don’t consume huge portions or splurge on many decadent foodstuffs, and most of what we cook is both healthy and economical. Still, we do have kind of a ritual around cooking and eating–almost always real food from real dishes, almost always at the dining room table together instead of in front of the TV or our laptops. Combine that sense of ceremony with some dang good food, and feast starts to make sense.

Now, I needed a contrasting adjective, one that brought feast back down to the everyday. Humble, in a decidedly uncharacteristic manner, jumped up and down and said, “Me! Me!” It’s hard to ignore such a versatile word. Humble captures the down-to-earth charm of words like ordinary, modest, and unsophisticated…the practicality of words like frugal and economical…the sweetness of words like reverent and gracious.

So what’s a humble feast? It’s a simple but delicious meal, cooked at home and shared with the people you love.

* * * * *

Oh, yeah. One more consideration: my title choice also had to be available as a [name].WordPress.com URL. :)


4 thoughts on “– the name –

  1. Susie Criswell

    Tanya, it is great to witness you combining two of your talents- cooking and writing! I haven’t really been hooked on too many blogs, and you might remember I don’t cook (even from cans), but this blog is inspiring me. Good job!

    • Thank you so much, Susie! Now that spring break is over, making time for cooking and then writing about it is a little bit tougher, but I am having a lot of fun fun putting together two things that I really love to do. I’m so glad you’ve been reading!

  2. I really like the quote “Food is our common ground, a universal experience” you chose.


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